Introducing of #SarodiyaSearch

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Couple of weeks ago many people ask us why we don’t use search bar in our main website even if there are many popular site search engine existing in our internet world. So we thought and discuss couple of time with our developers and we decided why not our own site search?

As a result of our discussion our developers finally started working on site search earlier in April, 2018. After lots of work we finally reached our destination. And we are here to launch our site search engine.

Take a look of our site search:

Pic:1: Sarodiya Search (Desktop Version)


Pic2: Sarodiya Search (Mobile Version)


Isn’t it cool?

Now it search only with our events. We are working on algorithm regular basis to make search better. Keep with #Sarodiya. Keep with #SarodiyaEvents. Keep with #SarodiyaSearch.

How can we make it better? please send suggestion/feedback on our contact page

Spread the love

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